About Bio-Energy Testing


What is Aging?

Aging is not the same as just getting older. It is a medical term that refers to the progressive physical and mental deterioration that occurs as we get older. While aging is inevitable, the dramatic rate and extent of aging that is commonly seen today is not. There is no reason at all why most people can’t reach their nineties with all cylinders firing. And there certainly is no good excuse for people in their sixties, seventies, and eighties feeling less than perfect and requiring medications to keep going. But don’t wait until you have the problems caused by decreased mitochondrial function. It might be too late by then. Instead, be proactive while you are still feeling great.

Your rate and extent of aging is solely dependent on how efficiently your mitochondria produce energy. In short, decreased energy production is not a result of aging, it is the cause of it! Here’s the bad news. You can’t count on the fact that you feel good. Your mitochondrial energy production can decrease substantially long before you develop any signs or symptoms. But don’t worry. There is also good news. By maintaining youthful energy production as you grow older, you will be able to dramatically slow down your rate of aging while at the same time decreasing the chance of developing a disease.

Why Is Energy Production So Important?

Every single aspect of your physiology from your ability to heal and detoxify to your digestion, repair mechanisms, immune system, sexual function, and brain function. Every single function of your body is 100% dependent on energy production. If your mitochondria are functioning well, you will be functioning well no matter how many birthdays you have had.

The Energy Deficit Theory of Aging and Disease

Degenerative disease and aging are preceded by a decrease in energy production. It is this decrease in energy production that causes degenerative disease and aging. Decreased energy production results from two commonly occurring states:

  • Decreased fat metabolism.
  • Decreased mitochondrial efficiency.

The processes involved in aging and degenerative disease can be decelerated and even reversed by altering these two states to increase energy production. By measuring energy production dynamics Bio-Energy Testing® can determine what is required to increase your energy production to optimal levels.